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Exterior Blinds

Exterior blinds create an optimal environment regarding light and temperature conditions and are an important part of the building in terms of energy savings. Within the traditional approach, the exterior blinds fulfil the shading and safety function. As for the non-traditional concept, they represent an architectural element of office buildings and are a jewel of family houses.

Interior Blinds

The most common form of shading for rooms is horizontal window blinds. All blinds in this category are aluminium. Aluminium horizontal grids for windows differ in the product series by lamellas, manner of fixation and control and construction of the upper profile. We offer horizontal blinds in a wide range to be able to complete your interior.

Interior Roller Blinds

Create a pleasant environment both by day and night. Interior roller blinds will protect you
from the glare of street lamps at night and perfectly screen out sharp sunlight in the daytime. Choose from many possibilities of classic roller blinds over the modern design up to
timeless design of day night products with never – ending fabric

Exterior Roller Blinds

The exterior roller blinds offer highly valued end-use properties to the user. They ensure excellent shading and thermal regulation, decrease the noise, protect your privacy as well as the building from poor weather conditions.

Insect Screens

For modern windows we have available easily removable screens for windows; for older
windows we have window screens with spring pins or fasteners that require drilling into
the window. For frequent use and almost invisible storage of the insect screen into the
window, we recommend the roller type that can simply be hidden at the side of the
window when the screen is not in use. For doors (on the balcony or the terrace) there is
the H1 model, which can be easily removable

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